"Creating the future together"

Pioneering work for more than ten years.

Coherent sustainability strategies are increasingly important for attaining prominence over the competition on the market. Europe's leading award for sustainability in the transport and logistics industry recognises both innovative as well as well-tried strategies.

"Sustainability wins"

Economically, ecologically, socially.

This award honours companies that effectively combine economic and ecological aspects. Apart from economic success and efforts to promote environmental protection, the social commitment on behalf of employees and the society as a whole is also taken into consideration.

"The advantages are obvious"

Sustainability pays off.

    • Unique competitive advantages through sustainability
    • Enhancement of the company image
    • Exclusive Eco Performance quality mark

Eco Performance Award 2019: And the winners are …

On 5 June 2019, the winners of the Eco Performance Award 2019 were honoured on the DKV stand at the transport logistic trade fair in Munich: the Coop Cooperative was able to assert itself in the large company category whilst Rigterink Logistik GmbH & Co. KG scored in the mid-sized companies category. The winner in the start-ups category is RYTLE GmbH. The “Special Innovation Award” was also conferred for the first time: this was awarded to Holland Container Innovations Nederland B.V.

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Urban logistics: more commercial transport, less environmental and noise pollution

The amount of vehicles in Germany has increased by around 13% over the past nine years. There has also been a tangible rise in traffic capacity. Digitalisation is regarded as the central growth driver for commercial transport in urban areas. This can be traced back to the strong growth in online commerce. The increased traffic load, however, also leads to more emissions and noise. An “Urban Logistics” project would alleviate the overstrained commercial transport situation in many big cities and entail environmentally friendly effects.

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Sharing economy: potential with uncertainty?

The seemingly revolutionary approach of making vehicles of various owners accessible to third parties and thus increasing capacity utilisation (see October 2017 Eco Performance Award newsletter) is now also discussed in freight traffic. An “open source approach” such as this appears as a paradigm shift to established players. This begs the question: what is the potential contained in these market changes afflicted with uncertainty?

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